Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Irish scientists discover potential breast cancer treatment

Irish scientists have found a potential new way to treat one of the most aggressive and difficult to treat forms of breast cancer.
Researchers have shown that a new drug can prevent the growth of some cancer cells.
The study was carried out by Breast-Predict, an Irish Cancer Society collaborative cancer research centre.
The findings from their work have recently been published in the International Journal of Cancer.
If found to be successful in clinical trials, APR-246 has the potential to save the lives of patients with triple-negative breast cancer, which is currently difficult to treat.

33 Useful Websites for Students

LifeHacker aims to help its users out with life in the modern world. Popular tags include ‘Productivity’, ‘Money’ and ‘DIY’.
Although essentially one of many time-wasting student websites, MentalFloss is good for learning interesting facts from around the world, covering topics such as food, culture and science. Admittedly, its main function may be as a procrastination aid, but you should still learn something!  
This student resource offers an alternative to TV (and, unfortunately, studying), hosting randomized videos on interesting scientific topics.
This site tells you the best times to go to bed if you have to be up at a certain hour – a very useful tool within student life. Taking into account regular sleep cycles, can help if you suffer from grogginess in the mornings.
If you struggle to stay away from social media when you’re meant to be studying, use KeepMeOut to block certain distracting websites.

Educational websites for students

You’ve probably heard of Reddit, but have you heard of UReddit? UReddit hosts courses and lessons created by the public and can help users to learn languages, scientific principles or even PHP programming.
Edx is one of the world’s leading MOOC platforms. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are offered for free to anyone wishing to learn. Other major MOOC providers include: and

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