Wednesday, April 19, 2017

5 Things That People Don’t Realize their Librarians Do

Many people still have the stereotypical image of a librarian stuck in their head: an older kind of frumpy woman wearing glasses on a chain, her hair up in a bun, shushing people with one hand while stamping books with the other. Many of my Jr. High classmates predicted that I was going to be a librarian because I liked to read, and, during those years, I was very quiet and wore glasses. I still love to read and always have something to read, but since I’m much more comfortable with myself, I don’t know if people would still say that I look like a librarian. Ironically, I did become a librarian, but for completely different reasons (part of it is the sheer variety involved in the profession).

  1. Librarians are trainers
  2. Librarians are tech savvy. 
  3. Librarians are advertisers. 
  4. Librarians are event planners. 
  5. Librarians are researchers

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