Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top 10 Science stories for 2013

#1 curiosity-close-up
A spectacular nail-biter of a landing was just the beginning. This was the year Mars’ rover Curiosity proved its worth by giving researchers unprecedented access to the Red Planet.
#2 supreme-genes
The Supreme Court’s decision in June that genes can’t be patented has far-reaching consequences for research and medicine — and for every one of us.
#3 earth-thumbnail
In May, the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere crossed this long-hyped threshold, setting off a storm of media coverage. But how significant is the milestone?
#4 snowden-at-press-conference
The unprecedented government surveillance that surfaced in the summer brought the perennial clash between technology and privacy to a new level.
#5 BrainOrganoid
Liver buds and brain organoids are among this year's life-saving advances in growing spare human parts.
#6 voyager-1-interstellar
More than three decades after it left our planet, Voyager 1 entered a realm where no Earthborn spacecraft has gone before. 
#7 twin-primes-proof
After centuries of flummoxing number crunchers, two mathematical puzzles about prime numbers were cracked this year.
#8 horse-bone
New techniques and very old bones overcome the limits of genome sequencing for prehistoric horses, ancient cave bears, and even our own early ancestors.
#9 girl-eating-watermelon
For years, health professionals have been urging better nutrition and more exercise for children. Are we finally listening?

#10 amplituhedron
This multidimensional shape can simplify certain quantum equations — and possibly also revolutionize physics.
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